What can we do for you?

MachoniMwangu.Photography is more than just taking a picture. It is more to do with understanding your need and helping you achieve it in a systematic and creative manner. We are here to make you and your company look beautiful.

With years of experience in family, travel, nature and sports photography we can only compliment your requirements making it easier to achieve your objectives. We know how to make the picture come forth and with your inputs it can only get better

What is our core business?

1. Photography

MachoniMwangu.Photography has its images used for editorials, reportage and as art pieces for its clientele. We specialize in photography ado with:

-          Editorial Photography

-          People and places,

-          Travel photography

-          Wildlife photography

-          Adventure photography

- Sports Photography

Nevertheless being lovers of the wild and road, at the right terms we will be where you need us to be