Earth Day

Celebrating Earth day 2018

With the death of Sudan the world's last male northern white rhino in the Ol Pajeta conservancy in Kenya in March 2018, concerns about its extinction became more clearer than before. If scientists are not able breed another male to sire calves with the remaining females, generations to come may not see these huge beautiful creatures. Some may only get to know about them in history through lessons in class or books just as we read about the dinosaurs in the old

As we celebrate Earth day 2018 geared towards going green, specifically encouraging use of more eco-friendly materials remember that every action has a consequence. A simple visit to the park to see nature is purely as a result of huge conservation efforts by the governments and communities. If we do not conserve every aspect of our environment, we may loose what is purely natural. Take a step and do your bit to conserve. Plant a tree or two

A rhino grazing in the Nairobi National Park

A rhino grazing in the Nairobi National Park

People are being encouraged to reduce the use of plastics hence forth. The theme of Earth day 2018 is to End plastic pollution. It may not happen in a day, but a step at a time towards these efforts may go a long way. With the end of using plastic bags in kenya currently underway, it goes to show that it can be done. Take a step and make a pledge to stop the consumption of plastics

Conservation steps taken by all of us will assist save the earth. Its our civic duty to ensure that our environments are clean, to plant trees around us to ensure that we have adequate water and influence better climatic conditions. Someone once said that the flight of a butterfly in one part of the world will indeed influence the weather in another. It might be a small step, but it is a bold step