Beautiful sunrise

Beautiful Sunrise from the Reef

Got a chance to go the coast, SGR train ride to Mombasa the other day. Been lucky to always get time out to travel as part of work and with it goes my gear too. In my mind i had already planned for all the places that i wanted to visit, the images that i wanted to take and this time round i needed minimal gear to carry. The one thing i was looking forward to was the beautiful sunrise from the sea. 

I barely slept the first night despite being tired as i was already looking forward to the morning which appeared as fast as i closed my eyes. 6 o'clock i was up and was surprised that it was still dark. I set my camera, tripod and lens ready for a walk out,drew open the curtains and got back to bed after checking on the phone app to confirm the time that the sun would be out

I kept staring out and after 15 minutes or so later, i found my way down to the beach of the Reef Hotel. As the light started coming out of the clouds, i was already set with my composition. The rest is as below as the sun was coming out

Sunrise -1.jpg
Sunrise -1-2.jpg
Sunrise -1-5.jpg
Sunrise -1-6.jpg
Sunrise -1-9.jpg
Sunrise -1-11.jpg
Sunrise -1-14.jpg

At some point, the light became too bright for my settings and I made a choice to close the aperture and reduce the shutter speeds to allow for less light at a time. The sky seemed dark again for me to try and get as much details as possible

Sunrise -1-17.jpg
Sunrise -1-20.jpg
Sunrise -1-25.jpg
Sunrise -1-29.jpg
Sunrise -1-33.jpg

Within 45 minutes I was able to create dynamic images some of which looked like were done at sunset. Such beauty and calmness that morning that one would not mind waking up to each and every day of their life