A Good Kenyan Initiative

With a mission statement to “Exist to transform and empower young adults through training and creation of innovative environmentally friendly products”, Good Kenyan initiative is an organization that exists to mentor, empower and equip the youth. This is done through programs that cultivate skills especially to high school graduates. By harnessing this potential and cultivating it through career development, the organization is able to steer these young boys and girls towards a brighter and better future.

The most profound aspect about Good Kenyan is #Mentorship. They connect volunteer mentors of good standing in the Kenyan society with young and vulnerable youth to invest in their personal growth. These volunteers are vetted and matched with a youth whom they have aligned goals and career interests respectively. The main aim for the volunteers is generally to do GOOD in society and giving guidance to a young person to steer their life in the right direction is a plus. As for the youth, they are able to learn from someone who has gone ahead of them and learn the steps to take or not take. The Good Kenyan mentors are 100% volunteers and represent Kenyan professionals across every sector and industry including but not limited to health, education, law, business, media, the arts, sports and technology.

Machoni Mwangu Photography got a chance spend time at the new mentors session last weekend. These are young Kenyans like you and me but have decided to come and join Good Kenyan to mentor other Kenyan youth. Kudos. You too can become a mentor through which youth can visualize and chart a way into their future. Take time and visit the Good Kenyan initiative and see how you can be of inspiration to another person in society. See some of the images taken on the day during a mentors session and on break with meals

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