A walk with the lions

“The beauty of Africa is not man made, it is natures gift to humanity.” A quote by Paul Oxton becomes real when one spends time noting the blessings around and within our continent. Many travel from far and wide just to come and see what we have amongst us that many of us take for granted. A walk with the lions will show you how beautiful these creatures are. So majestic and powerful yet so kind and graceful

The splendor of the Kenyan parks and reserves always leaves a mark noting all the conservation efforts put in just to maintain nature in its wild form. The creatures therein may not know how far man goes to keep them wild but hopefully many generations to come will see what their fore fathers did

As Machoni Mwangu photography, we take conservation with zeal. A time off in the wild melts the hearts, the peace and relaxation found rejuvenates. With this, we would always wish to have our families see these over time and make more memories as well. We were in Nairobi National park and below was our walk with the lions

Lions in the Park-1-17.jpg
Lions in the Park-1-5.jpg
Lions in the Park-1-6.jpg
Lions in the Park-1-16.jpg
Lions in the Park-1-18.jpg
Lions in the Park-1-13.jpg
Silverbacked Jackal-1.jpg
Thomson Gazelle-1.jpg
Silhoutte in the park-1.jpg
Lions in the Park-1-3.jpg