A Visit with New Life Children's Home

New life children’s home is a registered medical centre and as well as a children’s home. The home caters for abandoned babies (newborn to 6 months old). It takes good care of them until they are adopted. If the babies are not adopted by the time they are age 3, they are are taken to the Nakuru home for further care

The home is a result of the response of Clive and Mary Beckenham who took up the need to take care of abandoned babies, in particular those infected with (or affected by) HIV-AIDS. They set up the first home in Loresho which later moved to their current location. Such warm hearts do these two have to date

The home is opened to volunteers from Kenya and across the world who come to share part of their lives with the children over the years. This also assists to relieve the staff to be able to undertake their duties well which at times can be overwhelming with all the children. Having been a volunteer to the home while in my youthful age, the place has a special place in my heart. The kids are very warm and enjoyable to just spend time with.

Recently we paid a visit to the home and after sometime, the feeling of being there for someone else who is not your family or colleague or neighbor came back. It was just a refreshing time to spend at the place.

As Machoni Mwangu Photography, we also had the chance to share in their black and yellow get together to appreciate the staff who do a great job for the home. See a few images we took.

Clive and Mary Beckenham

Clive and Mary Beckenham

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#NLCH Potraits-1-16.jpg

The greatest thing that one can give to another is themselves. A plea from Machoni Mwangu Photography is to support the home where possible beyond your time. You can take to them the following items:
Clothes & Diapers 

i. Diapers: All baby sizes and Adult medium size 
ii. Girl Clothes 3-17 years 
iii. Boy clothes 1-17 years 
iv. Cloth/Cotton Nappies 

Toiletries & Detergents 

i. Scouring powder 
ii. Dettol Liquid Disinfectant 
iii. Washing/household gloves 
iv. Sunlight Bar soap/Normal Panga Soap 
v. Fabric Softener 
vi. Toilet paper 
vii. Cotton wool 
viii. Sunlight washing powder 
ix. Jik 
x. Mortein Doom/refills 
xi. Hand paper towels