About Machoni Mwangu Photography


MachoniMwangu.photography is a company set up to document real events seen in a unique manner through the art of capturing images via the lens. History always has a story to tell with all the amazing images taken revealing what happened when and how.

MachoniMwangu desires to capture milestones with showing the uniqueness and beauty of a group of people in an artistic manner

We are concerned about conservation and preservation of wildlife to its natural habitat. We aim to be at the right place, at the right time to capture that image that will help to save our environment

MachoniMwangu and adrenaline sports ride the same path. We endeavor to experience the adrenaline exertion and capture the same in motion or as frozen

MachoniMwangu.Photography is a journey that we intend to walk with you and share in the milestones of this great life

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